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Mae Krell is an 19 year old singer songwriter based in New York City. Before having ever set foot on a stage, Mae got their start in the music industry photographing concerts, most notably, shooting Governer's Ball for Rolling Stone Magazine at the age of 17. They premiered their debut single, "Scars", with Clover Letter on July 15th, 2016, who crowned them your "next favorite singer-songwriter". Mae's second single, "Monsters", was released on Halloween 2016, and has received extensive praise since then, boasting a quarter million streams on Spotify. Mae's debut EP, Anabasis, (featuring “Monsters” and “Scars”), as well as two new tracks, released on February 16th, 2018 and was premiered by Popmatters.com who said that “Krell reveals their demons in utterly captivating fashion, with a wide variety of instruments meshing wonderfully with their passionate vocals”. AudioFuzz also reviewed the EP, stating that “this is the sound of the future”, and telling people to “Watch Mae Krell. They are a force to be reckoned with”. Since the release of Anabasis, Mae has been focusing on playing local shows, and planning a cross-country tour for summer 2018.


Anabasis - EP

by Mae Krell

Anabasis is Mae Krell's debut EP, released on February 16th, 2018.


"Your next favorite singer-songwriter" -Clover Letter

"Krell reveals their demons in utterly captivating fashion, with a wide variety of instruments meshing wonderfully with their passionate vocals." -PopMatters

"This is the sound of the future." -AudioFuzz

"In a nutshell, Krell is an honest and vulnerable young songwriter." -Nashville Noise

"Their style is that perfect blend of acoustic and electric, which, when combined with Krell’s clean vocals and powerful lyrics, (Krell's) music is soul-soothing." -Melodic Magazine

"The non-binary music legend that is making everyone feel welcome" -Affinity Magazine

"On the surface Mae Krell looks like your average teenager. They wear their hair occasionally pink and sport a band T-shirt whenever they can. However, on certain days, they can also be seen performing on stage and singing songs about life and topics that are often reserved for poets and philosophers." -Coming up Magazine

"Each track on Anabasis tells its own story with its lyrics and when the EP was over, I immediately wanted to hear more." -Livealittlebitlouder

"The lyrics are beautiful and metaphoric and Mae sounds hauntingly raw." -Lets talk over coffee

"I, personally, commend Krell for tackling such difficult to talk about topics, because hearing songs about overcoming ones troubles can be incredibly helpful to people experiencing the same things." -Melodic Magazine

"(Scars) is raw and beautiful and will make you feel feelings you maybe don’t want to feel but will ultimately be happy you let ‘em out." -Clover Letter


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